Kronos Academy

Kronos Academy provides a full-fledged education curriculum on the financial markets such as the FOREX MARKET and CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET. Our educators teach different strategical approaches into the financial markets to make you into a self-sufficient profitable trader. The curriculum is comprised of a recorded set of videos integrated with live educational classes.

Kronos signals

Kronos signals also called trade alerts are timely updated trade ideas which are analyzed from the markets by our experienced traders and are send directly to your phone. Those having access to the Kronos signals channel can basically do a simple step of copy and pasting the trade ideas given by our traders and make a profit at the beginning stages of your learning process.

Live Trading Sessions

Kronos offers live trading sessions with professional traders in the company. Kronos live trading sessions are done for FOREX, BINARY, CRYPTO CURRENCIES and STOCKS. Learn with professional traders and make profits on the calls. 

One On One Sessions

One on one mentorship sessions with our educators will be available for customers. Getting personal one on one sessions form our mentors and educators is an exclusive service provided by Kronos. One on one sessions are always an advantage for those who need personal mentorship.

Virtual Classroom

Kronos Virtual classroom is where the beginners can send their charts and trade analysis and get corrections and advices from our experienced traders which can enhance their learning journey.

Customer Support

24 hours Customer support is available from Monday to Friday through Email.

Market Forecast

Overall analysis of the market before the start of the trading view which will allow the students to have an idea of how the market works.

Market indicators

Training will be provided on how to read varies indicators (Algorithms) that are used for trading to get confirmations from the market.

Affiliate Program

For every referral that you make to our platform, you have an opportunity to earn commissions with us.

For information regarding the commission structure enquire at

Trading in the financial market using real money involves risk. We do not give any sorts of financial advices. Kronos Limited or it’s associates will not be responsible for any lose of money trading in the financial market